Welcome to Indy's Largest & Most Successful School... And We’re Still Growing!

Hello, let me introduce myself, I'm Ray Sarkine. I started Martial Arts training at the age of 5 and am proud to be a lifelong Martial Artist. I've been teaching here in Indianapolis for decades. I founded our school and serve as the Chief Instructor. My schools are considered by many to be the oldest, largest and most successful in the United States. In Fact, we've been featured on numerous TV programs, newspaper articles, and magazine features. I serve as president of The World Muay Thai League and am the only instructor in the region to have trained numerous Muay Thai Kickboxing Champions, both male and female. I've also trained multiple Golden Gloves and Silver Gloves Boxing Champions. I taught the very first Muay Thai Kickboxing accredited college course at a top 10 university. And while my schools have become widely known and respected for creating champions what most people don’t know is we teach much more than just Kickboxing and Boxing:   

We offer a ONE-OF-A-KIND full self-defense system!
 Students learn other powerful martial arts and how to integrate them for optimum effect! Students learn defense against weapon attacks, how to handle larger opponents and how to defend against multiple opponents. They learn how to adapt their techniques to defend inside a confined space such as a hallway or car. This diversity of skills keeps training fresh, interesting and FUN.   Students say our system is like Jason Bourne meets Ong Bak!      

 But enough about that...Let me tell you how I can help you: Most of our students aren’t interested in competition, But all of them love gaining the BENEFITS of AUTHENTIC training in a Professional, Experienced and World Championship facility.


PHYSICALLY, you'll BURN FAT, BUILD MUSCLE, and SHRED INCHES!   You'll get STRONGER and LEANER and improve your circulation, which is terrific for healthy vibrant skin. My Classes will tone and shape you giving you a YOUNGER, fresher look.  YOU’LL FEEL ENERGIZED AND LOOK GREAT

MENTALLY, you'll RELIEVE STRESS, BUILD FOCUS and gain CLARITY. Our training burns off excess energy, relieves built-up tension and promotes a sense of calm.   You'll sleep better and awake refreshed with a new energy and motivation.  EACH CLASS IS LIKE A MINI-VACATION

WE'RE NOT A GYM…. In our school you won't be roaming about wondering what to do, how to do it and feeling ON DISPLAY! You'll love our friendly team atmosphere and enjoy the camaraderie of working with classmates on the SAME skill and fitness level as you.  EXERCISE WILL NO LONGER BE A CHORE!  

 DON'T WORRY...WE'RE NOT LIKE THE OTHER GUYS; You know the places; Dojo Dungeons...dirty, foul-smelling and filled with ego and attitude.  Our school is spacious, bright and cleaned daily. We provide top-of-the-line equipment and the best in flooring, rings, bags, and equipment. A fitness hobbyist or a World-Class competitor; ALL STUDENTS receive the QUALITY instruction that made our School #1 in the U.S!  WE TEACH ALL EQUALLY - NO CLIQUES!


Has enabled me to develop a ONE-OF-A-KIND STEP-BY-STEP teaching method. My approach makes learning FUN, SAFE and EXCITING!  My method allows for continual progress and leads not only to a great overall physique but also increased energy, vitality and self-confidence.  It really is ….  THE HARDEST WORKOUT YOU’LL EVER LOVE!  IN FACT, there are no other schools like mine ANYWHERE in the U.S. My approach is proven and after you've experienced our classes and professional instruction for yourself, you'll be a believer!

 Visit us and learn more!

Our Chief Instructor remembers when our school began in 1985, how many thought Muay Thai was a food dish. Times have changed and Our school is now widely recognized and respected.  Ray brings a lifetime of Experience and a proven record of dedication. He's now taught thousands of students and under his guidance we remain THE CHOICE for those who seek the BEST and know the difference.

Our School isn’t just for the 20 and 30 something's.  We have a successful over 40 crowd too! 

They love our step-by-step approach, focus on safety, positive atmosphere and our emphasis on 'Art' over Sport. 

Aging is inevitable, BUT getting Old is a choice!

We teach students from all walks of life: Nurses, Construction Managers, College Students, Teachers, Bankers, Police Officers, Skilled Laborers and more, all working together in a NON-JUDGMENTAL FRIENDLY ATMOSPHERE!

These are Just Some of the reasons we have MANY FEMALE STUDENTS! (50% on average)